Frequently Asked Questions

Citizenship in Turkey

You should invest minimum 400.000 USD amount on a property in order to apply and claim Turkey Citizenship. 

Residency permit in Turkey

Turkish immigration office has stopped giving residency permit in some regions of Turkey temporarily. Please ask for details and the list of locations.

Do you support us for regulatory matters ?

We give you a full service from seeing properties to finalizing purchases and claiming title deed. We also support you and give consultancy during citizenship or residency permit official application.   

What would be my additional costs if i rent ?

Monthly dues , electricity , water , heating. Tenant must takeover electricity and internet registration from Landlord. Sometimes heating registration included. 

Transportation and accomadition services

We give you full service including transportation and / or accommodation services. Please ask for our package options.

What should i expect at closing ?

As Jujus Global , we support you at every step of selling or renting process. Last step is the application to local land registry office. Title deed can be claimed in hours after personally applied.  

What are my additıonal buying costs ?

Buyer and seller pays 2% each of purchase price as buying tax. Application fee will be approximately 50 USD for each buyer and seller in 2022.  

Am i eligible to rent ?

There is no specific requirement for renting a property in Turkey. However , landlords sometimes request guarantee when signing a contract. 

Am i eligible to buy ?

There is no specific requirement for buying a property in Turkey. Some regions of Turkey are not available for foreigners to buy. Please contact us for details.

Can i ask for advice ?

We give you full service starting from valuation of the property to closing the transaction.